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Date: 27th June 2016
Continuous Conveyor Industrial Gas Controlled Mesh Belt Furnace/Heat Treatment Furnace
Basic Info.Model NO.:RCWPackage:Sea Worthy PackageTrademark:HUAHONGOrigin:ZHEJIANGColor:GrayHS Code:85141090Production Capacity:50PCS/YearProduct DescriptionThe whole set heat treatment line is composed of :Automatic Feeding Machine →Front Washer→? Hardening Furnace → Oil quenching tank →Rear Washer → Tempering furnace→Electric Control Cabinet,Website:, etc.The buyer can compose the treatment line flexiblely due to different demands.Continuous Wire-Mesh Belt Conveyor & Gas ControlledHeat-Treatment Furnace(WZTG9-800*10000*100 mm Series) For exampleBuyer's Technical Requirements1)Products and material: Cold forged/Hot forged fasteners made of SCM440/435,AISI 15B41,15B25 and other alloy steel material.M6 DIA to M30 DIA, Long 10mm to 350mm and equal inch sizes as well.2)Capacity : Low/Medium carbon alloy steel products @ 800-1000kgs / hr3)Hardness band: +/- 2 HRC @800- 1000kgs/ hour in both hardening & tempering4)CP variation : +/- 0.032. Furnace composition1) Magnetic belt type feeder2) Weight device3) Front degreasing & washing tank4) Dephosphating tank5)Front degreasing & washing tank with drying6) Continuous bright carburizing quenching furnace(main furnace)7) Quenching cooling oil tank8) Dumping device9) Rear degreasing & washing tank with blower10) Tempering furnace11)Double layer dyeing tank with drying device12) Oiling machine13) Electric control cabinetDuring production the output power of hardening furnace is about 50%---60% of the rated power while the output power of tempering furnace is about 40%-50% Of the rated power.3. Main features about Equipment1) The rated power: about 660KW, Auxiliary Power: about 150KW.?? Carburizing quencing Furnace=410KW,Tempering Furnace=250KW.2) The Length of the whole equipment is about 66 meters3) Total weight: about 78 tons4) Facilities Parameter: three-phase current, input power voltage of 415V±5% and50Hz frequency. 220-250V 50Hz frequency5) Carburizing quenching Furnace 820ºC---920ºC, Quenching cooling oil Tank 60-80ºC, Tempering Furnace 300ºC---650ºC,Dephosphating tank 70-90ºC,degreasing & washing tank 60-80ºC4.2 Front degreasing &washing tankThis device is open structure. The work pieces soak in the hot water to clean the oil and impurities. It is composed with the degreasing tank, driving system, spray system, oil-water separator skimmer, filter unit etc.4.3.Degreasing tankThis device is open structure. This device is composed with Dephosphating tank,transmitting belts, reduction gear, chain, chain wheel, transducer. The dimensions oftank can be choosed by capacity of treating work pieces. The heating device,transmitting belts, chains are adopts SUS304 stainless steel. The work pieceswhich in the feeding machine drop into the dephosphating tank equably to wipe outthe oxide of work pieces 's surface ,by this the surface of work pieces are smmoth. Then workpieces are send to washing machine by transmitting belts for cleaning the raffinate.4.4. Front degreasing & washing tank with dryingThis device is open structure. The work pieces soak in the hot water to clean the oil and impurities. It is composed with the degreasing tank, driving system, spray system, oil-water separator skimmer, filter unit etc.4.5. Continuous bright carburizing quenching furnace(main furnace)This kind of? carburizing Furnace is the main device of the production line, it is mainly composed of furnace cover, mesh belt conveyor system, roller transmission, heat preservation material, heating elements, furnace fan circulating device, gas cracking control device, work pieces dropping device and temperature control device.4.9. Tempering furnaceThe tempering furnace is composted of cover, feeding shelf, wire mesh belt drivingdevice, material of hot insulation, heating apparatus, circulating fan apparatus,discharging rack, and Temperature control apparatus. There are 5 high speedmixing fans on top of furnace, which can make the convection current to ensure thetemperature uniformity inside the furnace, small hardness balance of work pieces andcolor uniformity after tempering.In order to avoid the large temperature drop, We make the power density of first zoneand second zone closely. The belt drive transmitting by Cycloidal Pin Gear SpeedReducer.4.10.Double dyeing tank with drying deviceThis device is double open structure. Tank capacity is about8M3,depth is 2.3m withcooling & heating function. It can control cooling liquid temperature in set rangeautomatically, to assure bolts dyeing uniformly and drying. Then the work piecestransmitting by belts to dry by drying device.4.11.Double oiling machineThis device is composed with frame, immerse horizontal tank and transmitting belt. The spray system flame plating the oil on the work pieces ,then it avoids the spare oil by strong blower, meanwhile saving the oil.This is the specifications of 1 tons furnace.we can make the plan according to your requirement . ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?