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Date: 27th June 2016
Industrial Melting Furnace (GW-0.5T)
Basic Info.Model NO.:GW-0.5TCustomized:CustomizedCondition:NewPower Source:ElectricAutomatic Grade:AutomaticType:Steel-Making EquipmentCertification:ISO,Website:, CEPackage:International Export Packing StandardSpecification:CE, ISO, SGSTrademark:HUAHONGOrigin:ChinaTrade Mark:HUAHONGOrigin Country:ChinaProductivity:500 Sets/MonthMOQ:1 SetShipment Terms:by SeaCapacity:30kg-30t (Liquid Steel)Frequency:50-15000kw (Medium Frequency)Certified:CE & ISO9001HS Code:8514200090Production Capacity:1000sets/MonthProduct DescriptionIntroduction and ApplicationThis is the device converting three phase power current into single phase intermediate frequency current and enabling metal to produce eddy current loss through electromagnetic field induction to achieve heating and melting and is applicable to melting, heating or holding of steel, copper, aluminum, zinc, tin, nickel silver and other ferrous or nonferrous metal and alloy materials, as well as heating treatment prior to forging, sintering and tube-bending forming in casting and melting industries.Performances and features1. Using a zero-voltage scanning soft-start mode, in any case may at any time to start or stop, will not have impact on power supply.2. Fast smelting with low production cost; Low-pollution and environment-friendly.3. A direct effect from the cold furnace melting. Dissolved material will be fully dumped clean. Molten material is easy to replace.4. Power adjustment flexibility. Be able to continuously smooth adjustment. Temperature uniformity can be easily controlled. Oxidation burning less, and metal components evenly.5. Furnace shell using cast aluminum or steel structure, small footprint; Furnace flip dump convenience, according to the need to use electric, manual, hydraulic tilting furnace and other means.6. Designed to automatically adjust angle of inverter circuit that can automatically adjust the load impedance match, without adjustment of capacitance compensation and always run the equipment in good working condition; Power supply system diagnostic error function, easy maintenance.Compare to peer-factories, we have below outstanding advantages:1. Equipped with built-in circulating water cooling system, equipment can be long-term work, no cleaning needed; Will not be damaged furring electrical power components; And lengthen the using life of whole machine.Other manufacturers require users to cool down the machine with directly tap water or groundwater; Regularly clean the water pipe of equipment with detergents; And often because of poor water quality, the equipment, furring channels, resulting in poor heat electrical components being blocked or damaged.2. Configure automatic circuit breaker, with a reliable protectionEquipment power supply short circuit, open circuit, lack phase, power outages, discharge, and other circuit abnormalities are able to quickly and automatically cut off the power supply; In a timely manner to the equipment and network protection, to ensure the safety of the production operator.Other manufacturers may only with simple switch or without. They asked users to protect themselves with fully functional power distribution equipment. Otherwise, once short circuit, lack phase, or other circumstances occur, because there is no protection, lead to serious accidents.However, our equipments carry good protective function even without switch board prepared by the users.3. We are one of the largest enterprises in the industry in China.We are devoted to independent R&D as well as production. A rich variety of finished products and half-finished products with complete specifications and spare parts enable us to finish fast delivery. In addition, the independent after-sales department will provide follow-up services regularly as to all the products. Furthermore, many of our engineers have been engaged in the industry for over 20 years while 80% of the intermediate-frequency equipment manufacturing companies had not yet been established 15 years ago.Furnace Capacity?Rating PowerInput VoltageInput PhaseInput CurrentAssorted TransformerOutput Voltage?Output FrequencyMelting TimeVolumeWeightGW-0.05T50KW380V380A60KVA750V2.5KHZ20-60Min1.2 m³350KGGW-0.1T100KW380V3160A120KVA750V1KHZ20-60Min6 m³1500KGGW-0.15T100KW380V3160A120KVA750V1KHZ30-70Min6.5m³1600KGGW-0.2T120KW380V3192A150KVA750V1KHZ30-70Min7.5m³1700KGGW-0.3T130KW380V3208A150KVA750V1KHZ30-70Min8.5m³1800KGGW-0.4T250KW380V3400A315KVA750V1KHZ30-70Min9.5m³2300KGGW-0.6T350KW380V3560A400KVA750V1KHZ40-80Min11m³2500KGGW-0.75T450KW380V3720A500KVA750V1KHZ40-80Min12m³3800KGGW-1T600KW380V 380V-23/6960A 480A600KVA 800KVA750V 1300V0.8KHZ50-90Min13m³4500KGGW-1.25T800KW380V 380V-23/61280A 640A800KVA 1250KVA750V 1300V0.8KHZ50-90Min14m³5000KGGW-1.5T1000KW380V 380V-23/61600A 800A1250KVA 1500KVA750V 1300V0.8KHZ50-90Min15m³5500KGGW-2T1250KW660V 380V-23/61120A 1000A1500KVA 1800KVA1300V1300V50-90Min17m³6000KGGW-3T1500KW660V 380V-23/61350A 1200A1800KVA 2000KVA1300V1300V60-100Min20m³7000KGGW-5T2500KW1000V 660V-23/62000A 1120A3000KVA 3500KVA1300V1300V60-100Min23m³8500KG